10 Inexpensive Business Promotional Items for Tradeshows

  • Apr 5, 2017

Some things really do never change. Business promotional items for tradeshows need to be budget-friendly, easy to carry, useful and attractive to recipients. Today, the most popular giveaways also support a company’s overall marketing strategy and elevate its brand. While pens remain a perennial favorite, let’s take a look beyond the norm at 10 other inexpensive business promotional items for your next tradeshow.

  1. Microfiber cloths are always appreciated, as everyone needs them for cleaning their phones, tablets, computers and eyeglasses. Our keychain microfiber cleaning cloth also has a small stylus built in. Keep it simple by choosing one in your brand’s color and add your imprinted logo.
  2. Screen printed wrist lanyards with a split ring are perfect for freeing up recipient’s hands as they move about the tradeshow floor.
  3. Durable, non-slip silicone smartphone sleeves will have recipients’ friends, family and colleagues asking where they got them. These tradeshow favorites are perfect for carrying IDs, cash, credit cards or business cards. Imprinted with your logo, they deliver multiple impressions per unit for maximum investment value.
  4. An inexpensive business promotional item that leaves a lasting impression, a natural beeswax value lip balm tucks in a purse or pocket and lasts a long time, constantly reminding the recipient of your brand.
  5. Want something fun that’s a sure conversation starter? Mood pencils are heat sensitive and change colors when warmed by the recipient’s hand. Give multiples, as people will love being gifted with one.
  6. Ok, we said we’d go beyond the pen, but this one has a twist . . . or click. Our stylus-click action ballpoint pen with ribbed comfort grip has a stylus on the other end and comes in six great colors. Now your recipient will have one instrument they can reach for that both writes and works with their mobile devices. More bang for your less-than-a-buck!
  7. This may just be the most useful of all business promotional items. A clever triangular pocket tool and key chain combo includes knife, utility blades, opener and screwdriver tip.
  8. Five-color sticky flag and note sets are made from recycled paper and are another one of those great giveaways that easily slide into a pocket, purse or backpack.
  9. This one’s a real standout when it comes to multi-use. The Bendie magnetic band has got to be the most versatile tech accessory available. It comes in five bright colors and can be used as a cord wrap, ear-bud clip, memo holder, phone stand, refrigerator magnet and much more! Another great choice for multiples gifting.
  10. Magnets are another of the most popular business promotional items, and our wide selection of custom flexible magnets are available in a variety of shapes and colors. They say the kitchen is the busiest place in the home, so why not give an item that’s sure to be seen hundreds of times over?

The best trade show giveaways do not have to be the most expensive. Business promotional items that don’t break the bank are often just as welcomed as other higher-end products. The key to choosing the most successful business promotional items for your next tradeshow is finding those products that are unique, attractive, and useful. We hope these 10 items have given you a fun glimpse at what’s possible beyond the pen. For more ideas, explore even more of our inexpensive business promotional items and gifts.