2 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Silkscreen T-Shirts

  • Jul 7, 2017

When you mention branding these days a lot of people automatically think of blogs, social media and search engine optimization. While those are absolutely important, so is getting your brand out there in the real world.

Why Your Business Needs Custom T-shirts

The chief marketing benefit of custom t-shirts is that they're not time-bound. You may have heard that before, but what does it actually mean?

It means that when you hand out or sell a t-shirt to one of your customers or prospects, they will probably wear it for years and years…all the while getting your company's message out to the public at no additional cost to you.

This actually leads us into the first reason why custom t-shirts are indispensable for your brand:

Reason #1: Real-world Exposure

You'd have to admit that the best advertising in the world is a little limited if only a few people see it, right? Well, visibility clearly isn't a problem with custom t-shirts because people interested in what you do, and even your own employees, can slap on a shirt, look great and provide more exposure in the real-world.

There's also almost no chance that people won't take notice if one of their friends is wearing your shirt or you give out a few dozen shirts right before a product launch. You can also use custom t-shirts for creating camaraderie at corporate events or as a way of saying thank you to loyal customers.

People also love getting free t-shirts, and it sends all the right messages when you go that route. It says that you care about their involvement with your company while stoking conversation about how it is your company can help.

Reason #2: Infinite Design Options

The best way to start that conversation is by creating interesting graphics, designs and colorful prints on your shirts.

Screen printing as a medium can bring almost any idea you have to life…and quickly. The stencil, or screen, that applies the layers of vibrant inks onto your shirts can even give you bright, stunning results on a darker background.

Principles of Good Designs

While simply printing your company's logo, name and tagline onto your shirt can definitely get the job done - evidenced by literally thousands of companies that do just that (Coke, Adidas, etc.) - thinking outside the box a little bit and creating an intriguing, original design is a super quick way to get people talking.

And, realistically, the more interesting and eye-catching the design, the more likely your customers are to pick your shirt out of the closet when they go out.

You still want to find a happy medium between too little information - e.g., an ambiguous logo - and too much text that overwhelms people and results in none of it being noticed.

Blank space can be a friend or an enemy when it comes to shirt designs. The most well-designed shirts usually combine a name or logo with one line of text that delivers your message quickly enough to sustain attention.