4 Great Real Estate Promotional Products

  • Apr 5, 2017

The real estate industry, whether you're on the buying or selling end, is a referral-based industry where it definitely pays to advertise.

Real estate developers who purchase and build out land, real estate agents who buy homes and commercial properties, and even professionals in real estate finance depend on effective advertising, word of mouth and making the most of networking opportunities.

Making sure that all of your promotional products are aligned with your branding image is essential.

Great Real Estate Promotional Products

Competition in the real estate industry is fierce, and sites like Zillow and Trulia are making it even more important to take advantage of every promotional opportunity.

While content marketing and social media are definitely avenues that real estate professionals need to pursue to stay current with the way customers and businesses shop for property, real estate is fundamentally about face-to-face relationships and capitalizing on referrals.


real-estate-promotional-products.jpgHaving promotional products to hand out to past clients and potential customers is a very powerful way to drive up your real estate company's brand recognition while tilting the table towards repeat traffic.

You want something that your clients are going to see every day: Something that's useful and that still has a practical value. Sending around a calendar to clients you've had in the past is an awesome way to stay relevant in their minds.

If the client hangs up your calendar in their office, then you might even be the first call should someone else see it and need a good agent or real estate financing firm. Calendars almost guarantee exposure and, with your contact information plainly visible, encourage referral traffic.

Key Tags

This is probably the most memorable gift that homeowners can get from their agents. When a former client receives a key tag decorated with your firm's logo, it instantly reminds him of a successful purchase. It also puts you in a first-call position should they decide to sell the house years down the road.

Promotional Desk Items

With sites like Zillow and Trulia and seemingly everything going digital, literally millions of real estate deals are still done over the phone each year.

Putting yourself in the client's shoes, you want to make sure that when they pick up the phone with an offer or bid in mind your number is within sight. The best way to do that is with promotional pens, notepads and desk organizers. Practical promotional items don't get thrown out nearly as frequently, which means that your clients are more likely to have one of your products close by when they make that call.

Just consider that more than three out of five people (66%) who received promotional products could recall the company who gave it to them a year later. That plus the fact that the majority of those people would do business with that company again should be all the incentive a real estate professional in a referral-driven market needs.


If you're part of a local board or real estate association, then you probably already know the importance of having your business card and promotional products at the ready.

Now, sitting on a board can be an asset in its own right: think about the power of adding effective networking on top of that.

Handing around pens embroidered with your company logo or an executive leather journal to former clients is a great way to stand out from the pack and make a lasting impression. These might seem like simple gestures but they can make all the difference when someone is brainstorming which agent to go with.