5 Unique Promotional Products for San Francisco Businesses

  • Apr 6, 2017

More and more tech companies are deciding to set up shop in scenic San Francisco. This is actually only the latest wave of high-tech companies looking to call the city by the bay home - ever since the 1990s, medical research and biotech industries have flooded the area with new business and fresh faces.

Unique Promotional Products 

Silicon Valley-based employees from Apple and Google, high-tech startups, and venture capitalists are all eying San Francisco as a great place to do business.

Couple this with the fact that most of these companies are coming out with new products every quarter and hoping to whip up a little excitement during product launch season, and you can start to see why promotional products are so important. Here are a few promotional product ideas to get you started:

Promotional Cleaning Cloths

unique-promotional-products-microfiber-cloth.jpgEver notice how whenever you open an Apple product they give you free promotional items like stickers and branded cleaning cloths? You can do the same with your brand by getting a cleaning cloth to promote your company and give value to your customers at the same time.

A microfiber cloth helps your customers keep the screens on their Smartphones and devices clean while increasing brand awareness for your company.

This is an inexpensive option that everybody likes receiving because clothes serve such a practical purpose: Admit it, sending out a text or perusing Facebook through a gauzy, fingerprint-smeared screen doesn't top the fun list.

Consider including promotional cleaning cloths with some of your products if you're in a Smartphone or app-related industry.

Portable Solar Charger

unique-promotional-products-solar-charger.jpgThis next promotional item is pretty cool since it allows your customers to charge their Smartphones, cameras and MP3 players while out and about.

Since a USB cable links the charger to your Smartphone or any other USB-compatible device, you can use a solar charger to get some more battery time out of your devices when you're out.

Branded Earbuds

If you're looking for another giveaway item that you can hand out at product launch and trade shows, then check out earbuds branded with your company's logo.

These are great for playing music on your iPod or as a second set of computer earbuds for watching movies.

unique-promotional-products-bluetooth-headset.jpgLooking for something a little more high-tech for your own employees? Then a Bluetooth studio headset might be the answer - 10 years of talk time on a rechargeable battery, great sound quality and your logo printed right on the side. You can pick from a black or white background to frame your logo in the best light as well.

Earbuds and headsets are promotional products that can work well as either add-on items or giveaway merchandise. It gets your brand out there since almost everybody has a need (and appreciation) for an extra set of earbuds to have on the road.

Hands-free Bluetooth Speakers

unique-promotional-products-bluetooth-speaker.jpgSince we're already on the topic of Bluetooth, you might want to consider a lithium ion-powered set of Bluetooth speakers for your customers, or even other employees, to make calls from.

A USB charging cable, powerful speaker and a range of 30 feet means that you can set, forget and make calls without worrying about tripping over cables or accidental hangups. Your logo sits right up front and gives your brand more exposure every time a call is made.

Outdoor Apparel

unique-promotional-products-outerwear.jpgWhile not technically a tech item, anyone who's lived in San Francisco for any length of time knows that it can get chilly. Embroidered fleece jackets or an umbrella with your logo up top drives brand awareness and stays one step ahead of the elements.