Accu-Line Brake & Wheel: A Case Study in Rush Orders

  • Apr 6, 2017


Accu-Line Brake & Wheel, an automotive service and repair company in Petaluma, CA

The Challenge

Accu-Line Brake & Wheel was having an anniversary party for their business and were hosting a Hot Rod Cruise-In.  Attendees could bring in their hot rod cars and people could come enjoy a live band, hot rods, and celebrate the success of a local business.  

Steven Blume, the owner of Accu-Line wanted to have something to give away to his customers, friends, and family that attended the event. His heart was set on a specific branded promotional product, the problem was Steve needed it in four days time or else he would have nothing to give to all those attending. What was his heart set on? Steve needed 200 black or yellow tire gauges decorated with his logo...!

Though most promotional product companies are not equipped or geared to do extreme rush jobs, Pangea Promo excels at it. There is a lot that goes in to doing a rush job such as working on the art for the product, sourcing the products, buying and shipping the goods, then printing, and getting the goods shipped out to the client on time.

Too make it worse, all of this needed to done without paying for rush shipping because that would have cost more than the promotional products themselves.

How Pangea Helped

Pangea was able to secure the 200 tire gauges from vendors in California and expedite the design and printing process with our in-house art department. We helped Steven hone in on the most crucial branding elements that should be printed on the tire gauges.  When printing on small surface areas, space is very limited and it is important to prioritize the legibility of the most important branded elements.

Here at Pangea, we are well equipped to deal with rush orders. We have been in the business for 34 years and have an in-house artist.  We know how to make things quickly and know which suppliers can put orders through quickly without rush charges. Because we have been in the industry so long, we understand what vendors to select in California who will deliver the items on time without expedited shipping charges.


Accu-Line Brake & Wheel was so thrilled to receive their tire gauges on time without rush fees or any overnight shipping costs.  Our client's expectations were exceeded on every count.  They knew it would be a stretch to get their items within 4 business days with the two days of shipping, art design process, and one day of production.

The tire gauges were put on key rings and given out to the attendees of the celebration. Pangea also recommended that additional tire gauges could be put in each car that Accu-Line serviced as a gift to their customers.

There are many companies that don’t take on these kind of rush jobs. Here at Pangea, we know how to pull rush jobs off and we excel at it. We are equipped to handle any type of job with our in-house artist and we know where to source items from and how to get them made quickly. If you are looking for a company who can pull off any job, look no further, Pangea can do it.