Are Eco Promotional Products Also Green Promotional Products?

  • Apr 6, 2017

Whether you run your national business out of the San Francisco Bay area, or have offices set up overseas, choosing eco-friendly and green-centric promotional products (and distributors that promote them) affirms to the rest of the world that you are committed to offering, selecting, and using top-of-the-line, quality-oriented products, that is, products that don’t harm the earth and that are sustainable. And that’s a big deal. In the 21st century, there is no more room, tolerance, and silent approval of wasting the planet’s resources. It’s not necessary and it’s not acceptable.


While there are different attributes of eco-friendly and green promotional products, they all represent the same philosophy:

  • choose products that do not harm people or the planet during their manufacturing process,
  • choose products that do not harm people or the planet once they are manufactured, and
  • choose products that do not harm people or the planet in how they are packaged, bagged, and shipped.

Dedicated to sustainability, companies that manufacture, distribute, and ship eco-friendly products are easy to identify; here’s what to look for:

Their products are biodegradable.

Eco promotional products and green promotional products are made of materials that, when left to themselves in the universe, they will eventually decompose by natural processes. When eco promotional products are packaged using biodegradable materials, it reduces contributing to the vast volume of waste already ever-present in landfills.

Their products are manufactured and/or distributed in an energy-efficient way.

Whether in the environment where they are manufactured and packaged or how they are used, eco promotional products don’t contribute to wasting energy. They’re produced, manufactured, and packaged thoughtfully so that unnecessary equipment operations, building HVAC systems, and other energy sources aren’t wasted, duplicated, or neglected during the process.

Their products are made in the U.S.A.

Saving millions of dollars in accumulated freight, shipping, and fees, as well as all the modes of transportation (and their fuel-burning forms of energy) required to ship across the oceans, eco promotional products eliminate that expense by being manufactured in America.

Their products are made with organic materials.

By using organic materials and resources such as plant-based Soy Ink instead of petroleum-based inks to print logs, pics, and wording on garments, eco promotional products are safe for the end users and the earth.

Their products are recyclable.

These days, almost everything is recyclable. The key is to connect with businesses that acknowledge this fact and implement it in their standard operating procedures. Instead of filling up warehouses with excess products from orders or outdated products, they can be recycled and used again to create brand new wonderful products.

Their products are reusable.

You don’t have to be part of an ad agencies creative crew to brainstorm ways to reuse a product that was once intended for a different purpose. Eco promotional products often are the result of all or a portion one idea that was brilliantly transformed into another!

Their products are diverse.

Eco promotional products can be anything from glass paperweights and cool coffee cups to water bottles, 16 oz. mixing glasses, beer mugs and everything in between! Your list of eco promotional products from which to choose is endless; in fact, if you don’t find exactly what you have in mind, you can present your idea and have it custom ordered.

They’re transparent.

Companies that promote eco promotional products are transparent. They’re upfront and forward about being committed not only to reducing landfill use and the use of resources that can’t be easily renewed, but also to educating and helping their customers become aware of and committed to being environmentally and socially responsible as well.