Benefits of Custom Lanyards

  • Apr 6, 2017

Business promotional items come in all shapes and sizes. Although there are certainly benefits to big, eye-catching promotional products, small, subtle items can also pack a punch. Custom lanyards have many benefits when it comes to promoting your business.

They’re multi-purpose

Customized lanyards serve many functions. You can give them to employees to hold ID badges or other important items. The Polyester Lanyard with Retractable Badge Reel and Vinyl Snap is perfect for badges that need to be swiped to access secure areas. The 4 1/4"x 6" Plastic Identification Badge is the perfect addition to custom lanyards, acting as an eye-popping way to identify your employees. Lanyards can also be useful for events hosted by your company. For instance, by attaching something like the Clip-On Safety Flasher, you can turn the lanyard into a tool to promote visibility for sports or other activities that happen after dark. Or, by creating customized Die Struck Medallions, you can turn a lanyard into a flashy award.


They’re economical

If you’re looking for promotional items to give away in bulk, you naturally want something economical. Custom lanyards are excellent items to distribute at trade shows or other events because they are more affordable than larger promotional items such as beach towels or t-shirts. Plus, custom lanyards give potentialpangea-Polyester-Lanyard-With-Bulldog-Clip-Plastic-Badge.jpg customers a tangible, wearable reminder of your company. During events, you could have your employees walk through the crowd and hand out something like the Dye-Sublimated Ribbon Lanyard with Bulldog Metal Crimp and Plastic Badge. The ribbon comes in a multitude of colors and can be customized with your company information. Stuff the plastic pouch with things like coupons, raffle tickets, or directions to find your booth or store front. Save the big ticket promotional items for the customers who come seek you out!

They’re fun!

Custom lanyards aren’t just practical, they’re fun! No matter what type of business you have, you can use lanyards for both marketing and entertainment. The 5/8" Polyester Eyewear Retainer with Crimp and Earplugs would be perfect for a company that caters to those who work or play outdoors. This lanyard keeps sunglasses from getting lost and has ear plugs for hearing protection, making it a perfect accessory for boating, off-roading, or work involving heavy machinery. Another option is the handy Slider Lip Balm with Lanyard, a fun way to keep lips from getting chapped and provide sun protection. If you want to prepare your customers for rainy weather, attach theRain Poncho-To-Go to custom lanyards. This cool lanyard attachment comes in the form of a plastic ball that neatly contains a full-sized rain poncho. Potential customers will automatically think of your company with gratitude when your poncho saves the day and keeps them dry!


They’re good marketing

Pangea-Nylon-Lanyard-with-Plastic-Slide-Buckle-Release-and-Metal-Split-Ring.jpgAbove all, custom lanyards make sense as a marketing tool. Custom lanyards can be tied into lots of different marketing strategies. After you give them away at community events, you can offer a discount to customers who come in wearing your customizedPolyester Lanyard with Plastic Slide Buckle Release and Metal Split Ring. For companies with a creative streak, you could make a different lanyard badge for every event hosted or attended by your company and encourage customers to collect them all. Although the lanyard is simple, it can be a great way to foster interest in potential customers and encourage further engagement.

Savvy business owners know that not all promotional products are created equally. Good products tend to be useful, simple, and visually attractive. Custom lanyards provide all of these benefits and more, making them an excellent component to your marketing plan.