Business Promotional Items for the Tech Savvy

  • Apr 6, 2017

When it comes to promotional items, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective way to increase brand recognition and ensure ongoing advertising for the products or services you have to offer. Promotional items come in a variety of types, styles, shapes, and sizes, but they don’t all necessarily speak to the tech savvy crowd.

After all, a baseball cap or umbrella won’t likely impress the customers you want to sell software or programming services to. If you want to intrigue your tech-savvy prospects and entice them to engage in doing business with your company, consider filling your advertising arsenal with these promotional items:

Pangea_-_Prague_Premium_Smartphone_Holder.jpgCustom Smartphone Cases

Almost every tech savvy individual carries around a smartphone in today’s world, and many people never protect their phones with holder/case which is where your company can come in. By offering your tech savvy customers smartphone cases as promotional items, you’ll be providing a valuable service that makes them think of you every time they look at their phone, drop it, or take it out of the case for any reason. And when people ask to use their phone, they’ll be exposed to your logo and message which opens up the door to the possibility of gaining a new long-term customer.

USB Chargers and Drives  Pangea_-_Type_C_2_in_1_Charging_Hub.jpg

The tech savvy tends to enjoy staying connected even while they are on the go, so why not hook your current and potential customers with someUSB chargers and drives? These promotional items are sure to come in handy when a smartphone or tablet needs to be charged in the car, and the drives should be useful when sharing information with friends or traveling with lots of music and video files. You can have them designed in a variety of colors and for specific uses, if you are trying to target a specific audience.

Pangea_-_Portable_Solar_Charger.jpgSolar Chargers

If you want to impress high-end customers, consider giving away solar chargers as promotional items during a special time of year such as on your company’s anniversary. Consider window solar chargers, as they can be used to top off cell phones, laptops, lights, and other accessories both at home and on the road. Camping chargers, desktop chargers, and micro chargers that clip onto briefcases and backpacks are all fun options that your customers are likely to appreciate and use for many years to come.

Digital Photo FramesPangea_-_7_Desktop_Digital_Photo_Frame.jpg

Help your tech savvy customers remember their friends, family, and adventures by gifting them with digital photo frames. Most digital photo frames hold a few hundred photos at a time and can be customized to display those photos in a variety of different digital presentation options. Consider investing in multi-performance digital photo frames to use as promotional items – these types of frames can be set on a table, hung on a wall, or intertwined into a centerpiece depending on the preferences of your customers.

pangea_Tablet_Folio.jpgTablet Padfolios

Padfolios as promotional items are every tech savvy individual’s friend because they not only protect the ever important tablet, but they also function like a miniature briefcase or tote so that a big bag or multiple items don’t have to be lugged around just to attend a meeting or get some work done at a public library. Several zippered pockets can be found in tablet padfolios, as can plenty of space for important paperwork or small portfolios.

Whether you are looking to close a big deal with a millionaire client or increase your base of regular customers, these promotional items are sure to help you get the job done.