Fun Ways to Use T-shirts as Promotional Products

  • Apr 6, 2017

Using t-shirts as promotional products to market your business is not a new concept. Custom printed t-shirts are an economical, useful, and effective advertising tools. However, sometimes you may want to mix it up instead of just giving away basic t-shirts printed with your company logo. Here are some ideas to help you use t-shirts as promotional products in fun new ways.

Work with local artists

Across America, you can find young artists who are striving to get their start in the art world. Why not join forces with these talented individuals to create your next promotional t-shirt? You could do this by using social media to request that artists submit designs for your next promotional t-shirt. Choose your favorites and have shirts printed with those designs, your business name, and the name of the artist. This is a win for both you and the artist because you’ll both benefit from the publicity. Your business will get to use beautiful, uniquely designed t-shirts as promotional products and you’ll show the local community that you care about supporting the arts. The artist will benefit by getting their name out there and attracting more attention to their work. Plus, you could also reward the artist with a cash prize, scholarship, or sponsorship to help get their career up and running.


Sponsor a cool event

Another way to use t-shirts as promotional products is to sponsor a popular local event that relates to the mission of your company. Music festivals, beer tastings, foodie events, charity fundraisers, or academic projects are all great events to get involved with. By teaming up with a great cause, you can create a t-shirt that features both your company name and the name of the event. This means that everyone who attends the event will now have a reason to take notice of your brand. For instance, if you’re a tech company, you could sponsor a science fair at a local high school. Create t-shirts for the event and send a spokesperson from your company to attend the big day. As your spokesperson passes out t-shirts, he or she will be forging links with a whole new group of potential customers who may already have an interest in the types of products offered by your company.


Harness the power of exclusivity

Lately, a certain clothing brand has been creating quite a splash in the realm of direct-sales. Perhaps you’ve noticed it on social media or been invited to a pop-up sale by a friend. One of the reasons this brand has been so successful is that it creates a very limited run of popular products and customers must scramble to purchase them. You can utilize this same idea when using t-shirts as promotional products. For instance, if your business routinely sets up a booth at festivals, you could create a limited number of shirts just for that festival. The first 20 people to visit your booth get a special edition shirt. After that, other visitors can be given your standard promotional shirt. You can also create limited edition t-shirts to represent new products or creative projects launched by your company. The point is to create a buzz around an exclusive item that will draw people to your brand. Don’t forget to hype it up on social media!


Supporting your community is a great way to forge relationships with new customers while also using t-shirts as promotional products in fun new ways. Whether you’re supporting local artists, sponsoring a cool event, or creating buzz about your products, there’s no limit on creative ways to use t-shirts as promotional products.