How to Get Your Promotional Products to Go Viral

  • Apr 6, 2017

Promotional products are a cost effective way of marketing your brand to an extremely large audience with little work on your part. You can double or triple that audience if your giveaways are both useful and cost-conscious by handing out multiples for recipients to share with family, friends and colleagues. It’s actually the perfect way for your promotional products to go viral.

It’s estimated that businesses give away about $20 billion worth of promotional products each year. Something must be working! The use of promotional products to raise your brand’s awareness should be a crucial part of your sales marketing strategy. Learn how to multiply and maximize the effectiveness of your giveaways by following these simple rules.

They’re Giveaways, Not Throw-Aways

Your promotional products are meant to reinforce your brand’s image in a positive light. Don’t make the mistake of giving out “junk” that people can’t use. The best products are those that serve as a reminder of your brand day after day, week after week and possibly month after month. Great shareable choices include recycled note pads, pen/stylus combos and multi-purpose keychains, all useful in everyday life. In areas where plastic bags are being phased out, grocery totes are a great choice. Not only do recipients walk around with them at your event, but they and their friends use them while out shopping, potentially exposing your brand’s logo to hundreds of people! 

Great Products People Love to Share

Talk about a sharing economy – people share stories, car rides, rooms in their homes and, most importantly, people love to share stuff. If recipients are passing those extra giveaways onto family, friends and co-workers, you should consider your choice of promotional product a success. The Advertising Specialty Institute found that 62% of those who receive promotional items will pass it on to someone else before throwing it away.

Pangea-Natural-Lip-Balm-in-Soda-Can-Container.jpgConsider the math. You give a recipient one or two promotional products, let’s
 say a novelty lip balm. The recipient easily exposes that product to 100 people every time he or she pulls it out to use it. If you give out just 1,000 promotional items, you will gain 1,000,000 impressions! And if recipients receive two, the people they share them with will expose them to an even wider target audience. There’s just no arguing how effective promotional products can be.

Some Final Tips

Pangea-Colored-Microfiber-Cleaning-Wipe-in-Clear-Pouch.jpgA relatively low investment coupled with some creative ingenuity can have your promotional products going viral in no time at all.

  • Reward your loyal customers by sending promotional gifts that say “thank you.” Include an extra for sharing.
  • Pick a fun, inexpensive product like a screen-printed microfiber screen cleaner and send several to clients and customers, asking them to share the love.

The ways to get greater mileage from your promotional products is limited only by your imagination. Remember to keep the recipient in mind and choose products that are truly useful or extremely fun. Promotional products can be one of your most effective and efficient forms of advertising. Who knows, your brand may become the next viral sensation, and all because of a pen!