Pangea Delivers Best Silk Screen Printing in San Francisco

  • Apr 6, 2017

Since 1979, Pangea has been serving the San Francisco area, providing exceptional silk screen printing for every business imaginable. It isn’t our longevity alone that makes us the best silk screen printing company; the quality work and extraordinary customer service Pangea delivers with every job we do is what sets apart.

Commitment to Excellence

Our professionally trained and talented art and production staff have one goal: to meet your expectations and give you a product you can be proud of. We treat every project as if it were our first, and our exceptional attention to detail is unmatched. From small school or family reunions to large corporate events, our aim is to deliver beautiful and inspired designed and skilled silk screen printing.

Why Silk Screen Printing?

Screen printing has long been the industry standard for superior quality apparel and other material printing. It’s a cost-effective process designed to make art and colors pop wherever it’s used. As is obvious from its name, screens are key to obtaining the best silk screen printing results. While printing was originally done with actual silk screens, today polyester screens are the industry standard.

The process is fairly simple, but it can take years of practice to become experienced and skilled in this ancient art. High quality artwork is a vital part of the silk screen printing process.Pangea_delivers_best_Silk_Screen_Printing_in_San_Francisco_-_Pangea.jpg

Commercial Silk Screen Printing

Since the invention of the multicolor rotary silk screening press in 1960, the process has become more automated. In commercial settings, fully-automated inkjet-to-garment printing and drying machines have replaced the traditional silk screen stencil and drying process. Automation has allowed for a much more efficient and cost-effective use of silk screening, giving T-shirts and other items a high-quality appearance that airbrushing cannot achieve.

Silk Screen Inks

Because silk screen printing is a simple process, a much wider range of inks and dyes are available thank in other printing processes. Silk screen printing inks are fairly viscous and have distinctly different properties from other ink processes. There are five types of screen ink: water, solvent, water plastisol, solvent plastisol, and UV curable. Plastisol inks are most commonly used for printing on textiles.

The latest innovation in plastisol inks is one made from soybean oil. Soy-based inks are soft and very stretchable and work perfectly on fabric blends, and they come in a fantastic range of colors. Pangea is proud to offer these eco-friendly inks to all our San Francisco customers.

Pangea for All Your Silk Screening Needs

With its world-class creativity and unparalleled customer service, Pangea offers the best silk screen printing in San Francisco. We are proud to say we are the sought-after leader for some of the biggest brands in the world. Every customer we serve, big or small, receives the same expertise in integrated marketing solutions that utilize creative and cost-effective promotional marketing products. These powerful marketing tools are long-lasting, of value to your customers and clients, and will help your business grow. Whatever your brand’s ultimate goal, Pangea will work with you to achieve it. To learn more about the silk screen printing process, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!