Promotional Product Ideas for Men

  • Apr 6, 2017

A lot of the value of promotional products lies in the fact that they cross the gender divide: pens, mugs, key tags and calendars work no matter who you are.

There are other promotional items like pocket knives and toolsets that clearly work better for the men in the office.

As it turns out, there's data to back up some of the gender differences when it comes to the kinds of promotional products that men and women like to receive.

Promotional Products for Men

So, what does the research say about what men like to receive versus what women hope to get out of promotional products? If ownership is any indication of preference, then men prefer shirts and caps while women prefer pens, calendars, and notes.

Men, as a whole, own slightly more promotional products than women - men own an average of 9.6 products, again these are averages, and women own 8.9 products. The takeaway is that men tend to prefer shirts and women pens and other writing utensils.

What's really interesting is that women are much more likely to give away promotional items that they don't intend on using than men. The implication is that men retain promotional items for longer periods of time than women do.

Here's a look at some of the promotional products that men prefer and keep around:

Promotional Shirts

Any guy can use another t-shirt for lounging around the house, andpromotional t-shirts allow you to customize the type, color and style as well as the message shown front and center.

Polos are also a good choice for golfers or guys keeping it more casual in the workplace. Usually men like a simple design without too many bells and whistles. And when it comes to whether men prefer promotional products from major brands more than women, the answer's that for men and women the percentage (men: 59%; women: 57%) is almost identical.

In terms of color, though, men and women have distinct preferences. Marketing research shows that men prefer blue, red and green and are more accepting of black and gray than women. It's definitely something to keep in mind the next time you hand out promotional gifts to your customers or workforce.

Executive Leather Wallets

Men, for better or worse, can't as readily take advantage of the storage space that purses and large totes give women. Most guys, though, still have wallets with an army of cash, credit cards and business cards at their fingertips. Leather wallets embroidered with your company logo therefore make a usable and classy gift for guys on your mailing list.


A lot of guys like receivingBBQ sets because A) they might not already have one and B) it's an excuse to dust off the grill and get cooking on a nice day. Promotional aprons make a great companion gift to a BBQ set as well.

Knives and Tool Sets

Chalk it up to one of those quirks of our biology, but men tend to like all-in-one tools, especially if there's a bottle opener involved somewhere. Promotional pliers and pocket knives with cutters, bottle (and wine) openers, scissors and a knife for any occasion is a great gift for a man in the office.

Golf Gear

These definitely no shortage of golf promotional gear. You have your choice of embroidered bags, tees, towels or an affordable all-in-one promotional kit for your customers who like to tee it high and let it fly. Be careful, though, these gifts might lead your male workforce to cut out early to make a late tee time.