Promotional Product Ideas for Your Best Clients

  • May 31, 2017

Coming up with effective promotional product ideas for your best clients may seem like an easy task at first – after all, how hard can it be to choose a handful of items from a long list of available options pertaining to your industry? But the truth is that if you don’t take the time to put yourself in your clients’ shoes to understand what might benefit them the most, you may throw lots of money away in the process of having these products made. Making a list of marketing product ideas that are both useful and unique should help you narrow down your options to a few that are sure to intrigue your clients and ensure their loyalty as time goes on. Here are a few awesome ideas to get you started:

Custom Bottle Stoppers

When it comes to promotional product ideas, you can’t beat custom bottle stoppers. These handy accessories will make it easy for your clients to storePangea-bottle-Stopper.jpgtheir wine and other fine beverages that aren’t finished during a business dinner or a romantic evening at home. Custom bottle stoppers are inexpensive in cost, yet rich in reliability which ensures that they advertising on each one pays for itself within just a few short months.

USB Bluetooth Speakers

Think outside of the box when compiling your list of promotional product ideas and consider including USB Bluetooth speakers. Most are designed for effective use both indoors and out, offering the ability to enjoy a little music at a picnic in the park or beef up the sound on the computer in preparation for anPangea-USB-Bluetooth-Speaker.jpgimportant online meeting with colleagues. Target the important clients with this product as this is one of the more fun yet useful options out there.

Handy Portable Tech Sets

Dazzling tech savvy clients with promotional product ideas used to be tricky due to a lack of custom options that are designed specifically for the technological crowd. But now that electronic and technical devices seem to have taken over the world, a few clever marketing product ideas for the techPangea-Tech-Set.jpgminded can now be added to your arsenal. Handy tech sets are a great way to go, as a variety of different needs can be met with the use of just one product. These sets typically include earphones, car chargers, flashlights, power banks, USB connectors, and more.

Designer Throw Blankets

Whether your clients are traveling business professionals, stay-at-home parents, office employees, or entrepreneurs, they are sure to appreciate promotional product ideas such as throw blankets. Small portable blankets are
easy to brand and offer a unique opportunity to tell the story of your businessPangea-throw-Blanket-2.jpgso those who see the blankets know exactly what you’re all about and what you have to offer. Throw blankets can be taken anywhere, they’re easy to wash, and the comfort they provide makes them attractive in a myriad of different situations, which makes them worthy for a top spot on any company’s list of ideas for important clients.

These marketing product ideas are all cost effective and offer long term performance to ensure that they get plenty of use, and therefore offer plenty of free word-of-mouth advertising, for many years to come.